Sport Event Systems

Our goal is to offer IT system that facilitates both large and small associations and organizations to arrange competitions and events!

With experience in and around the sports scene, we can provide IT systems in the terms of sports.


Sport Event Systems provides Score, Tariff and Streaming to Swedish chapionships in Teamgym och WAG. That also including providing score feed to Swedish Televisions live broadcasting.


Sport Event Systems provides Score and streaming to the Swedish Championships in Rhytmich gymnastics in Uppsala, Sweden


Sport Event Systems are official supplier of Score and Tariff system to European Championships in Teamgym, Mribor, Slovenia.

Sport Event Systems

SES Score

Score system for gymnastics.

SES Tariff

Tariff system for gymnastics.

SES Access

Access system for all type of events.

SES Portal

Registration system for all type of events.

SES Stream

Streaming for all type of events.


Need anything else? We can provide system for more sports and events.